Fahrion: Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine should be limited in their rights

02:01, 18.11.2016Society

Residents of Ukraine, who speak Russian and do not want to move into the Ukrainian language, should be deprived of certain rights, such as education and jobs. It was stated by Irina Fahrion, a Ukrainian Nazi of the party «Svoboda» («Liberty») and a former MP of the Parliament.

‘What is Putin’s motivation to come here? His motivation is very simple. He protects the «Russian-speaking population». We absolutely have to pay no attention to them, we should stubbornly do our job.

They are citizens of Ukraine, who must comply with the law. The law is the 10th article of the Constitution of Ukraine, which states that the state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. If you they do not comply with the law, they should not get an education or a job.

How long are we going to pay attention to some strange people who simply can not integrate into Ukrainian society?’ she said.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия