Yatsenyuk bought 24 villas in Miami

02:54, 02.12.2016

The Ukrainian blogger Oleg Torgalo reported that the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseny Yatsenyuk had bought in Miami 24 villas, worth from 1 to $ 5 million each.

The outraged blogger is quoted by the Ukrainian media.

Torgalo refers to information received from a friend of his, a businessman working in real estate. According to him, Yatsenyuk did not acquire objects gradually, but in one take during his recent trip to Florida.

The blogger promises to make every effort to collect more information so that journalists could carry out a full investigation.

‘I am bitterly disappointed with the US government, ardent fighters for justice and legality, under whose nose all this is happening,’ says Oleg Torgalo.

Earlier, the experts expressed the view that the ex-prime minister of Ukraine in the near future might hold some sort of a big deal. Probably the former ‘second public face of Ukraine’ understands the real prospects of the country better than many others, and, therefore, has recently sold his entire business at home.

According to: Русская Весна