Trap snapped shut. Ukraine trapped

01:39, 19.12.2016Economics

The IMF refused to grant Ukraine the next $1.3 billion tranche until the country solves the problem with the payment of the $3 billion Russian debt which was taken by Kiev in the days of Viktor Yanukovych shortly before Euromaidan.

This was reported by Nikolay Skorik, an MP and the former Minister of Economy of the Crimea, on the talk show «Black Mirror».

According to him, Ukraine, which refused to return the debt because the new authorities announced it ‘ the Russian bribe to Yanukovych for refusal of the European integration’, will now have to negotiate with Moscow on the terms of the repayment.

‘The IMF said that the next tranche would not come until we settled our relations on the Russian Eurobond of $3 billion. This is a clear position of the IMF that there will not be a new tranche until these three billion are either restructured, or returned to the Russian Federation,’ said Skorik.

It should be noted that the IMF is the last remaining major creditor of Ukraine.

According to: Политнавигатор