LPR: «Georgian Legion» soldiers voluntarily went AWOL in Donbass

02:42, 27.01.2017

Soldiers of the «Georgian Legion», fighting in the Donbass on the side of Ukrainian military, willfully abandoned their positions on the contact line, due to non-payment of monetary allowances, and decided to return to Georgia, said the representative of the LPR People's Militia, Andrey Marochko. 

‘On January 24, thirty-eight mercenaries of the so-called «Georgian Legion» from the 25th separate battalion of the 54th brigade of the AFU, stationed near the locality of Troitskoye, the Popasnyansky region, on the grounds of a conflict with the brigade commander, Gorbatyuk, because of no money allowance payment, boarded a bus and left for Kharkov for the further return to Georgia,’ said Marochko. 

According to him, these soldiers of the «Georgian legion», according to the Ukrainian media, had advanced on the LPR position in the Svetlodarsk arc area last week.

According to: РИА Новости