Another Maidan in Kiev

01:54, 16.11.2016

Protesters «flocked» to the European square even before the designated start time of the first meeting, that of the deceived investors. Some of them moved up the Grushevskogo St, towards the government district: the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Verkhovnaya Rada.

If the «bank protest» lasts for several days, it might merge with the rally of the independent trade unions and protests against the increase in utility tariffs. On November 17, the unions intend to gather about 50 thousand people near the Rada.

Actions of the law enforcement officers, according to observers, are ‘not professional’ and ‘chaotic’. As a result, the center of the capital of Ukraine is paralyzed with 7-point traffic jams.

5 thousand policemen and the National Guard military are brought to the city, the law enforcement paying a particular attention to the approaches to the Verkhovnaya Rada and other government buildings. In particular, near the building of the Verkhovnaya Rada, there is set a warning sign on restriction of movement because of the security measures.

According to: Русская Весна