Civilian woman injured in the south of DPR as a result of AFU shelling

02:05, 08.04.2017

A peaceful resident was injured in the Telmanovsky region in the south of the DPR as a result of the shelling by the Ukrainian military. This was reported by the operational command of the Republic. 

‘As a result of the barbaric shelling by the AFU artillery, a resident of the locality of Shevchenko of the Telmanovsky region, born in 1994, was injured,’ said the report. 

The head of the regional administration, Alexander Sursyakov, informed of the details, under which the civilian was injured. 

‘A fist-size splinter hit a woman in the hip joint. During the shelling, she covered her children with her own body. The woman has already had operation, the state of her health is satisfactory. Children are very frightened,’ he said.