Under debris of the Ruin

14:36, 28.02.2015
Ukraine is shaking from prices taking off into the sky and the rate of dollar getting even higher. It didn’t shake when people were burnt alive in Odessa, it didn’t shake when mothers were shot near a military unit headquarters in Mariupol, it didn’t shake either when later cities and towns of the South-East got shelled and those who Ukrainians call “quilted jackets” and “Colorados” contemptuously and malevolently got killed. A “Colorado female” can and should be killed by attack aircraft. It’s so patriotic after all to destroy houses of my fellow citizens and launch dozens of elderly people and children into eternity on daily basis. They didn’t shake even when coffins with “cyborgs” and “heroes” of the ATO started to come in floods to Ukraine. What’s the problem? Relatives will howl a little and start immediately to raise money to buy bulletproof vests for new “heroes”. ‘Kill them all!’ yelled mothers of the dead in a mad frenzy. On the whole, everything suited Ukraine and its patriots. The new authorities, and the fact that Donbass was being drowned in blood with shellings and a total blockade depriving its old people of pensions, and the cease of supply of essential medicines, and the ban on letting humanitarian convoys in, even the gas cut-off. And suddenly this herd has started to thrash about in earnest. “Happy Europeans” are sweeping off everything in food shops, hoping to sit it out in their “hut at the age”. They are organising a flashmob at last asking Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Turchinov, ‘What’s going on in the country?’ Suddenly they have forgotten about mean Putin. It’s typical that it was this plankton's reaction that the Kiev authorities got most scared of and restored the previous rate. It’s impossible either to imprison or to shoot so many “traitors”. The plankton seems to come to realise something. But they come to realise it out of what has actually lead Ukraine to this sad state. Out of their selfish interests. Everything was perfect when, together with coffins, trucks loaded with stolen stuff, including forged iron gates and women underwear, were coming from Donbass. When the punitive troops were methodically destroying cities and towns together with their infrastructure at a price set by the Commander in Chief. Here, it was different - someone has encroached on the sacred, on “what was earned by honest work”, including “three cassette recorders, three foreign velour coats”. That was what the delicate psyche of a European bottled in Ukraine couldn’t bear. It came in rush, ‘Help! Robbers! They are getting into our pocket!” 5178666 To Europe with a clean ass. I’m not gloating; it’s a logical outcome of crazy bounds of a country gone mad. I sincerely pity Ukrainians who didn’t accept Maidan and now have to live in this “European heaven”. Hunger isn’t aunt Gontareva or uncle Poroshenko; it will put all dots precisely and unambiguously, without any rumours and abstruse arguments in a cozy Lvov cafe. And this is just the beginning of a fall of what was a prosperous land only yesterday. You can say that Ukraine has had enough of bounding and has just jumped into an abyss. Have a nice flight in an American Boeing, “conscious ones”! The capital of European Ukraine is implementing the President Poroshenko’s electoral programme, “To live in a new way”. Due to the rapid depreciation of the national currency “Europeans” rushed to sweep off of the shelves… no, not delicatessen or foreign goods but toilet paper “Kokhanivka” made in Ukraine and in large-scale at that. A pack, a package, a couple of packages of this stuff undeniably indispensable in everyday life, that was what almost every customer of the capital supermarket Ashan in Raduzhny district had on Tuesday evening. They grabbed sacks of potatoes and even chickens that aren’t known to have a long shelf life. There were huge queues at the cash desks till the very closing time at the supermarket. No one remembered the ATO; everyone appeared to look forward to coming home and unpacking a package of pee paper obtained with such a difficulty. Ukrainians are trying to get rid of rapidly depreciating hryvnas. For just a year the national currency has managed to become four times cheaper and the process of its devaluation especially accelerated after the National Bank’s transition to the market rate of hryvna. Fearing the next increase in prices due to a new round of devaluation and the 5-10% tax on imports imposed by the authorities, the population of Ukraine is trying to lay in the essentials. At the time of “bloody Yanukovich” the dollar cost 8 hryvnas. At the time of “peacemaker Poroshenko” banks give more than 30 hryvnas for a buck. Ukrainians are joking darkly that they’ll soon reach the parity with the ruble that cost 4 hryvnas only a year ago. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="17711,17712,17713,17714"]