Syria recognized Crimea part of Russia

00:26, 20.10.2016Politics

Syria has recognized the Crimea a part of Russia, said the chairman of the Syrian parliament, Khadija Abbas, in an exclusive interview with Sputnik.

‘… We recognize that the Crimea is an integral part of Russia,’ said Khadija Abbas, emphasizing that relations between Syria and Russia are strategic and forward-looking, and the authorities of the Republic are going to work on their development in all areas, political, economic, social and consular.

As noted by the Chairman of the Syrian Parliament, the Crimea was a part of the Soviet Union, and ‘because of the events that developed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and up to the present day, this subject has returned to its roots after the free will of the people in the referendum in the Crimea, which resulted in a direct impact on the interests of the inhabitants of the peninsula’.

‘They decided to team up with their country. That's what happened!’ said Khadija Abbas.

The Crimea once again became a Russian region through the referendum held after the coup in Ukraine. Over 95% of the inhabitants of the peninsula voted for the reunion with Russia.

According to: РИА Новости