LPR People’s Militia spokesperson urgent statement

21:35, 18.09.2016

Due to the increased threat of terrorist acts in the Republic, as well as to improve the level of training of the anti-terror units of power structures of the LPR Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Inner Affairs and the People’s Militia, according to a previously approved plan, today, 18 September 2016, there is carried out a training in the localities of the Republic to counter terrorist activities of subversive groups groups and the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This training session is attended by special units of the power structures, designed to prevent acts of terrorism, as well as localize their consequences in case they occur, and assist victims. 

At the end of the exercise, there will be made analysis and assessed the level of the special units training.

We call on all citizens of the Republic to accept the ongoing activities with understanding, to remain vigilant and, in the event of a terrorist threat, to report immediately any obtained information about the preparation of provocative actions by the extremist groups to the authorities of the LPR Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Inner Affairs or the People’s Militia military commander office. We call on the citizens of the Republic to remain calm and not to yield to appeals to provocations.