Remove children from the monitor: Bombardment of Elenovka, civilians killed

02:11, 29.04.2016

Last night the Ukrainian military shelled the checkpoint "Elenovka" on the DPR side, killing five people, including a pregnant woman, and injuring another several. The record of the attack’s effects was published by journalist Konstantin Dolgov.

According to him, those who were later killed passed the night near the checkpoint, waiting for the passage of the Ukrainian side. First, about 2 am, in the area of Elenovka, there was seen a Ukrainian drone, and after about 40 minutes several Ukrainian shells landed there.

The Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko already visited the scene.

‘The OSCE representatives came to Elenovka only a few hours later. The DPR representatives expressed a sharply negative estimation of their work,’ said Dolgov.

http://www.politnavigator.net/uberite-detejj-ot-monitorov-ukrainskie-boeviki-obstrelyali-kpp-na-donbasse-est-pogibshie.html https://youtu.be/Czh1qx2WdcY