Ukrainian TV: To lure Donbass to elections, then arrest them all

00:00, 27.09.2016Society

Ukraine should carry out an operation called «Elections-2017», in which it will be able to deceive Russia and LDPR. It was stated by the Ukrainian military expert Ivan Yakubets on the TV channel 112.

According to him, the point of the operation is to bring the representatives and parties of the Republics to the Parliament of Ukraine and, in half a year, imprison them, restoring at the same time Kiev’s control over the breakaway territories by force.

‘A major step has to be political. For example, such a step might be an operation called «Elections 2017», to which we invite their parties and political representatives, including from Donbass, without waiting for the adoption of the law on the special status. It will be just elections; if they are the territory of Ukraine, so, come to the elections, guys.

We can talk fora long time like ‘bandits will enter the parliament’, but we can also think of what Ukraine will get from the fact that two dozen bandits will enter the parliament and, six months later, they will come out - I do not know - either to jail or they will just run away, while we can take control over our territory and force Russia to fulfill other points,’ Yakubets said.

According to: Политнавигатор