DPR reported Ukrainian «zombie» stopped with a bullet in the head

23:50, 14.02.2017

The Ukrainian military are pumped with strongest psychotropic drugs disconnecting sense of adequacy and real perception of reality. 

It was reported in an interview with «Izvestia» by the representative of the DPR Operational Command, Eduard Basurin, according to whom Ukraine is divided today into those who sympathize with the Republics of Donbass but keep silent, and passively serve in the army under pain of criminal penalties in the event of dodging the service, and those who kill, cleanse and shoot.

‘Yes, the strong propaganda acts plus psychotropic drugs. After all, stories about cyborgs are not fiction. First, we came across pills. And then, at the airport, we found a flask labeled «water of life»,’ said Eduard Basurin. ‘We sent it to the lab. It was the strongest psychotropic drugs, completely disconnecting the feeling of pain and fear. Under the influence of such means, a man does not fall from the shots. You can let off the whole clip, but he still goes against you. Similar cases were now noted in the industrial zone and in the south. They go on the attack in full height. You kill him, he still goes. You shoot at him, he falls, gets up, and goes again. Until you shoot himin the head or the heart. Well, if he is armored, it is hard to kill him in the heart. Usually, in the head. He may even try to get up and go without his head. Later, we found out that these drugs act exactly 10 days. And Ukraine has always very strongly insisted on the rotation taking place once in 10 days’. 

According to: Политнавигатор