In Kharkov, children brutally beaten for speaking Russian

01:40, 19.10.2016Society

Radicals of the "Right Sector" carried out a raid on a children's playground and severely beat those speaking Russian. It was reported by the news agency «Kharkov».

‘The first to be injured was Artyom, they broke his ribs. Then they beat Daniel, broke his jaw, and then Dima was beaten on the head. They were wearing Balaclavas and they were beating us even when we called the police,’ said a 11-year-old witness.

Witnesses said that the children had been playing near one of the largest supermarkets in Kharkov, when they were approached by dozens of unknowns wearing Balaclavas, who introduced themselves as activists of the "Right Sector».

They reportedly were beating the children until the police arrived. The law enforcement officers do not comment on the incident.

According to: Телерадиокомпания Звезда