In Kherson appeared calls to kill for Russian language

01:09, 27.02.2017

The experienced people say nothing happens accidentally. The victory of Ukraine over dignity is certainly not accidental. The «patriots» had tried to trample dignity for a long time, persistently and painstakingly, until they brought their attempts to perfection at «Euromaidan», having finally obtained the power corresponding to their emotional outbursts. 

The people deserves its authorities, and in some cases excessively. The Kiev regime proposed only to legally squeeze the Russian language out of the Ukrainian space, but the people are ready to go further and kill for it. 

Relevant calls of «very popular» origin appeared in the streets of Kherson. 

It was reported in the social network by the opposition politician, a former MP from Kherson, Alexey Zhuravko. 

'Today I have been sent photos from Kherson, on which there are clearly visible inscription calling for killing for the Russian language. 

These inscriptions have appeared in the 200 years of Kherson street, and in the Dnieper district. On the walls, the have also appeared swastikas,’ wrote Zhuravko.

According to: Информационное агенство Антифашист