Despite ban, Odessa residents rose Victory flag

02:34, 11.05.2016

The residents of Odessa, despite the ban, unfolded the Victory flag at the Eternal Fire. Several thousand marchers passed by the Walk of Fame and laid flowers to the monument to the Unknown Sailor.

At the same time, the police, of which in Odessa there were more than two thousand, forced people entering the Walk of Fame to take off St. George ribbon. Having passed cordons, people put them on again.

Witnesses said that, in addition to the veterans, people particularly welcomed the participants in the events at the Kulikovo Pole. ‘Kulikovo people were greeted as heroes, with applause’.

However, the Ukrainian authorities didn’t allow the participants of the celebrations to go to the Kulikovo Pole in order to commemorate the defenders of Odessa.

The police cordoned off the Kulikovo Pole where the column of demonstrators was moving.

The reason for the cordon was the information about a supposed mining of the area.

‘An investigative team, dog handlers and explosive-service workers are working at the scene,’ said a police report.