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Ethnocide of Russians in Ukraine

15.09.17 23:19


By Denis Grigoryuk

The Rada has adopted a law prohibiting teaching in Russian. 

The breakthrough of the odious Georgian politician into the territory of Ukraine has completely eclipsed the entire information space. Undoubtedly, the event is important for the country and every step of the former Odessa governor is discussed with pomp, cries and hysteria at both sides (supporters and opponents of Saakashvili). Against the background of the hype surrounding the conquest of the Ukrainian border by Mikho, the news about the law on education adopted by the Ukrainian parliament, has remained completely unnoticed. The law is interesting from many sides and it needs to be considered carefully, since one of the points is the prohibition of teaching in Russian in all educational institutions in the country.

The country needs soldiers 

They have not yet managed to remove the burning tires from Maidan, when the government of the victorious revolution of «dignity» decides to resume regular recruitment to the army, which was abolished during the reign of Viktor Yanukovich. It is the fourth year of the so-called «ATO», and no one wants to voluntarily die for Poroshenko’s regime. Young people often tend to enter a university not in order to get an education, but to avoid service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, after the entry into force of the new educational reform, the majority will be deprived of such an opportunity. A military commissar with a summons will wait for boys at their houses right after they receive diplomas. Under the new system, children will leave school at the age of 18-19. This is a normal practice for Europe. Schoolchildren complete their studies when they are adults and go on to higher education institutions, but in most countries of Europe, there is no regular conscription. Since Ukrainian politicians like to remember that Ukraine is a warring country, schoolchildren are likely to receive summons together with their diploma, and go to the medical commission instead of the prom and, in a month, will defend Ukraine in the «ATO» zone.

No funds in the budget 

The intention to introduce a 12-year education, with 9 mandatory subjects instead of 25, requires a serious investment which is not in the Ukrainian budget. In total, 87 billion UAH is needed to implement the entire reform. Of course, this money will be taken from law-abiding and obedient taxpayers. The head of the Ministry of Finance, Alexander Danilyuk, urged the Rada not to support the project, saying that there is and will be no means in the budget for its implementation. However, the restless reformers insist on innovations. In particular, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Liliya Grinevich, answers that the cost of the reform is divided for many years, and years of 2029-2030 will be the most costly, when future first-graders will finish the 12th grade. 

The impoverished Ukrainians will now be compelled, in addition to high prices for utilities, food and other delights of European life, to endure a new educational reform, for which they will have to pay themselves.

Everyone speaks only Ukrainian! 

A cherry on the cake called the «education reform» is a ban on teaching in the minority language. When the language issue was called the cause of the Southeast revolt, the Ukrainian patriots confidently said, without concealing a smile, that Donbass had nothing to fear, no one forbade anyone to speak any language, and it was «Kisilev propaganda» that had stupefied millions of residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. But I want to recall that the first decision of the victorious Maidan authorities was the repeal of the law «On the foundations of the state language policy No. 5029-VI» which guaranteed the use of «regional languages» in Ukraine, that is languages that, according to the census, were native for more than 10 % of the population. What is it if not forcibly imposing the Ukrainian language on a third of Ukraine's population? As it turned out, this was only the beginning. The Ukrainization of the entire population of the «Independent» continues. The adopted law on education assumes that from 2018, teaching in Russian, Hungarian and Romanian will be prohibited from the fifth grade.

Moreover, from 2020, in Ukraine, there will not be a single class where children will be able to receive education in the language of their parents. An exception was made only for the Tatars and Karaites, thereby indicating that the Tatars are the indigenous population of Ukraine, and the rest are not. The reformers have envisaged a few more reservations, according to which some groups of the population will still be allowed to have separate classes. This exception applies to ‘indigenous peoples’, as well as to the English language and the languages of the European Union, in which ‘one or more subjects’ can be taught in schools (apparently a small concession for Hungarians and Romanians). But the Russian-language education will completely disappear.

The course of stupefying 

In addition to the fact that the Ukrainian government wants to force children who speak and think in Russian, to rack their brains while studying subjects in a non-native language, the number of schools only decreases every year. The statistics is disappointing: if on September 1, 2014, there were 17,600 schools in Ukraine, and on September 1, 2016, 16,900 schools, by the beginning of this academic year, there were only 16,566. The reduction of the number of schools is further stipulated in the bill. It will be realized through the creation of so-called «support» schools in villages. That is, there will be only one school left for a huge community. Children will be forced to travel 50 kilometers from their house to the classroom.

The Verkhovnaнф Rada does not need a smart population with whom it is necessary to negotiate, to explain where the budget money is disappearing, why their children should die in the so-called «ATO», as well as to provide answers to other questions that are painful for the Maidanites. It's easier to rule an uneducated herd that will chew and nod its head when they are told to. The school will form the «right» and, most importantly, «patriotic» generation speaking exclusively Ukrainian and ready to die for the president at any moment. If a teachers refuses to do this, then the law provides for an amendment 814 which gives the right to begin the administrative prosecution of teachers who will derogate Ukrainian symbols or the state itself. For the rest, the destroyed schools of Donbass will be an example.

Not an ambiguous hint was given to the whole country in 2014, that is who does not want to be a Ukrainian, will be killed or re-educated. The Maidan government aims at children, that is, the future. If this reform comes into effect, then we can expect terrible consequences. If now a small group of radicals runs around the shops and makes videos where they force shop assistants to communicate with them exclusively in Ukrainian, then soon the whole country will be like this. 

So, what is this if not the ethnocide of the Russian people in Ukraine?