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Perhaps, it’s time to end the story?

Opinions - 29.10.16 04:47

The evening was terrible. Many realized that they had already forgotten noisy nights. Most areas in Donetsk had gotten used to go to sleep in the silence, and Makeevka had not so often been mentioned in reports. When at about 19:00, I heard the first «landings", I thought that it was a battle in the industrial zone and Yasinovataya was being shelled, but the AFU shells struck Makeevka, which many considered the rear.

Now, there will be emotions. I will speak as a Donetsk resident who is tired of being a silent witness to killings of my fellow citizens. 

It is hard to watch what is going on. The information field has completely passed to Syria. The war is noticed only in Aleppo.

We have to live with it. No one in the DPR and LPR wants to be a part of news stories, but our war is overlooked. The international community does not recognize it. There is no war. There is a local conflict. There is the «ATO». There is a «ceasefire».There is anything, but not the war. 

We are unrecognized people because we live in an unrecognized republic. If we are unrecognized, then it is not necessary to notice cynical murders of residents of Makeevka, Donetsk, Gorlovka. We are not people. We are separatists.

The West is much more interested in reforms in Ukraine, in which it invests a lot of money, even though they disappear in the thin air. It is much more interesting to discuss Savchenko traveling to Moscow where the criminals of the OUN-UPA who killed the Russian military in Chechnya, are being tried.

The Ukrainian media has sure turned blind. They are discussing the gadgets from the Apple company, the Eurovision future, and how to teach the Ukrainians to save on their minimum needs in order to stop them from coming out to rebel against the new tariffs and the new Ukrainian authorities.

But I am sure that reports will come soon. Soon, «journalists» will tell the Ukrainians that the shelling coincided with ‘the invasion of the humanitarian convoy’, that the white KamAZ trucks brought ammunition for ‘terrorists’, and that’s why a little 6-year-old girl died in an ambulance before reaching a hospital.

The Ukrainians will believe. Just as they believed in self-shellings before. What has changed now? Nothing. The degree of cynicism has risen. Now it has exceeded all the limits.

The Minsk Agreements are the only way to a peaceful settlement of the conflict. No one in Donbass believes it. That night was another proof of the fact that the war in Donbass can not be resolved peacefully. «Thin» peace takes the lives of the innocent as well as a «good» war. This peace does not bring a solution to the problem. It only adds to it.

Ukraine has long turned to terrorist methods of warfare. 

Once Vladimir Putin said, ‘We will pursue the terrorists everywhere. If it is in the airport, so it will be in the airport… That is, excuse me, we will catch them in a toilet, and end them there. End of story. Period’. 

Perhaps, it is time to end the story?..

Denis Grigoryuk